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These days there are so many useful sources of information for software developers: websites, user groups, message boards, second life events, conferences, not to mention good old print mediums such as magazines and books. In the last few years another interesting means of content delivery has come into play with the proliferation of portable mp3 players... podcasts.

I'd like to share a few that I've found useful not only for keeping me up to date on the latest and greatest software development news but to pass the time during my 60 miles of driving every day. Keep in mind to play these you only need podcatching software, not necessarily an iPod or other portable mp3 player.

.Net Rocks! - This is a great podcast hosted by Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin centered around .Net development. They have awesome guests, typically program managers at Microsoft or MVPs. If you're a .Net developer and you're only going to subscribe to one podcast this is the one right here.

Hanselminutes - This podcast generally focuses on ASP .Net development and is hosted by Scott Hanselman, who is now a Microsoft employee. Much like .Net Rocks the format involves a guest. This podcast overflows with expertise in my opinion.

SSWUG Radio - This is the official podcast of the SQL Server WorldWide User Group. It's generally a monolog hosted by Stephen Wynkoop and useful both to DBAs and more casual database developers. The focus is clearly on SQL Server but Oracle, DB2 and MySQL topics are covered on occasion.

SQL Down Under - An Australian SQL Server podcast hosted by Greg Low. It has a typical interview format with knowledgeable guests.

Polymorphic Podcast - Here's another .Net podcast, this one hosted by Carig Shumaker. This guy works for Infragistics, a user interface company. The cast is very instructional and tutorial-esque in nature.

Going Deep - A Channel 9 MSDN podcast with interviews with the architects who work for Microsoft. They discuss the innards and design of the platform.

sd.rb - The san diego ruby user group's video podcast. Essentially it's recordings of presentations at their meetings. Topics are wide ranging and quite informative.

Biznik - The official Ruby on Rails podcast.

Tue May 26 2009 23:38:52 GMT+0000 (UTC)

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